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Metering & Telemetry

Non Drinking Water meters

Most Non Drinking Water customers are supplied with a 25 mm in-line mechanical meter. This meter is generally close to our pipeline and has a filter to stop large objects impeding or damaging the meter. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean these filters periodically.

Industrial customers

Industrial customers will be supplied with a meter that is most suited to the volume of water they require. Industrial customers can have meters from 25mm to 200mm which can be either mechanical or electronic. When installing a new connection CIT will assist the customer select the most appropriate meter for their situation. 

Irrigation customers

Irrigation customers are supplied with a range of meters depending on the quantity of water they wish to receive. Almost all meters are electronic meters which are more accurate over a wider range of flow rates and give the customers more information about their water use. Most irrigation meters also have telemetry installed and irrigators have access to this data remotely. All electronic meters are permanently set to Central Daylight Saving Time with peak times from 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday inclusive. Golden Heights and Sunlands systems are different where the meters are mechanical meters that are operated automatically by a central control system. They are not equipped with telemetry.

Tampering with meters

Tampering with meters is not acceptable, against trust policy and state legislation and is really stealing water. If a customer is found to be tampering with or removing meters we will refer the matter to the relevant authorities, and will estimate unmetered water use.

Meter accuracy

If you think your meter is inaccurate, you can pay a fee to have your meter tested, and where practical, watch the test procedure. A meter within 5% accuracy of an independent test is considered accurate. Retrospective adjustments for inaccurate meters will be limited to a maximum of the current financial year plus the immediately previous financial year. This extends to where Irrigation Trusts are either negatively or positively impacted.


Irrigation customers are provided with telemetry information via Outpost Central

Outpost Central

Irrigation customers are provided telemetry information on individual water meters including periodic flows and consumption. This is available through the Outpost Central website.

A mobile App called Wildeye is also available that provides the same telemetry information and can be downloaded from your app store